Monday, October 5, 2015

Hello Kitty :: Megan's 2nd

Totally smitten with Megan's Hello Kitty party we did over the weekend. We had bright pinks mixed with neon green, blue, red and orange - girly yet fun at the same time. Rolled pink rosettes, Japanese parasols, hello kitty dolls... Completed the vibe. Lovely would be an understatement.

Venue:: Hotel ni Among, Vigan City

Caterer:: Diay Plaza

Cake and Party styling:: Ava's Cakes and Events


Friday, September 25, 2015

Unang Pista:: Kerwina Marie

As promised, here is the fiesta we are looking forward to working on this week. If you did love Catniss' Spanish fiesta here, you'll love Kerwina Marie's Unang Pista as well while it reminds you of childhood memories - clay/earthen lutu lutuan, pabitin, the whole nine yards of a Pinoy fiesta.


We had banig place mats, earthen clay pots with fresh "pinakbet" vegetables, frayed sombrero with fresh daisies as centerpieces. We wanted sampaguita yet we can only get hold of sampaguita flowers. I want the whole plant! Teehee!

Kerwina's parents, will always up their game in terms of sourcing for favors.They had abanikos - the accordion and heart shaped one ( I'm so sorry for not knowing how they are really called), mason jars, loot bags printed with banig and banderitas.

I love the huge balloons with fringe tassels!
And again, good job Mommy Mara for color blocking our candies. Believe me, in this side of the universe, it's hard to look for plain colored candies.

Happy birthday darling Kerwina Marie!


Venue:: Arabella's Events Place

Caterer:: La Preciosa

Cake and Party styling:: Ava's Cakes and Events

Photographer:: Marianne Pasion


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Flowers and butterflies:: Sephia's 1st

Anastasia wants flowers and butterflies... Sephia does too! Wink! Wink! Don't we all?
I feel so at home working for the Florida's. Our meetings are always a joy, imagine our conversations would be 10% of the project and the rest would be some other else. For little Sephia's 1st we had a floral wall of fresh florals, center pieces of daisies and butterflies, watercolor decals and letters.
We had to start working on this darlings first a day ahead before we left for Singapore. Then our team wrapped it on the day. Remote supervision works with a great team, believe me. And you need not worry not having file photos if you have the Dinna David to cover. She takes lovely lovely photos.

Photos by Dinna David.


Venue:: Florida's residence

Caterer:: La Preciosa

Cake and Party styling:: Ava's Cakes and Events

Photographer:: Dinna David