Saturday, April 18, 2015

My whole heart, forever:: Anica + Von

Long before Anica and Von decided to seal the sweetest deal in their lives, we've done their children, Zherluck and Liam's 1st birthdays. And the meetings we always have with them is such a joy. Anica's lovely MIL has so much family stories we could all learn from. Such a gorgeous family!


Bright, rustic summery colors for them! I'm still crushing on her bouquet.

Caterer:: Chef Nic Rodriguez of Bistro Candon

Cake:: Ava's Cakes and Events

Event styling:: Ava's Cakes and Events

Planner and Coordinator:: Audrey Adora of Red Gala Weddings

Photography:: Mykel Mesina of Light Painters Studio

Videography:: Gyver Lauricio


Monday, April 13, 2015

Sugar and Spice:: Maxine's 1st

Sugar and spice

And everything nice

That's what little Maxine

Is made of



Little Maxine's woodland party to celebrate her 1st is filled with so much loveliness. Her lovely mom and dad prepared costumes for every little fairy who attended. The candy bar was filled with candies. And I'm coming clean, I had to sample some. Teehee!

Venue:: Arabella's Events Place

Caterer:: La Preciosa

Photographer:: Marianne Pasion

Cake and Party styling:: Ava's Cakes


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ice Cream Madness:: Breanne's 1st

You'll have to agree that little girls parties should be sweet like ice creams. And what theme could be more apt to start summer other than Breanne's ice cream party?


We filled this little one's party with cutesy ice cream lanterns, faux one scoop and two scoop- cherry topped ice creams, fun patterned pinwheels, lovely blackboards with anything but ice cream madness, and other details screaming summer cuteness everywhere. How's that to douse the summer heat and have little Breanne a party for the books?

Venue:: Arabella's Events Place

Caterer:: La Preciosa

Party styling:: Ava's Cakes and Events


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dear Taya:: Hannah's baby shower

No words nor pictures can describe how Hannah's boho chic themed baby shower is. Lovely, believe me, is an understatement. The program was so meaningful I had to do happy tears. Dear Taya, baby, you are loved and your family can't wait to see you.


My heart is full for being back here at the Bay Area to do some loveliness. The design SOS from my dear friend Mavelle- Hannah's sister - to let us do this kept me excited for this trip. Having chic friends is such an advantage. Giddy from the start- choosing rental furnitures and linens, sourcing of more props, our flower shopping trip to the Floral Market... To sum it up, this was such a lovely experience.
Venue:: Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center
Floral and Event Styling:: Ava's Cakes and Events