Friday, August 29, 2014

Rainbow love:: Kirsten's 1st

To borrow the lines of Kirsten's official 1st birthday photographer, my steak and margarita buddy, Marianne Pasion of Em Productions, the weather forecast yesterday (forecast?) was to "expect patterned clouds with rainbow colored raindrops". Wouldn't that excite you to attend this lovely party and embrace to be rained with loveliness. Woohoo!


I'm not really fond of doing really really colorful parties but how else do you do a rainbow love party without utilizing the rainbow spectrum? Teeehee! We had colored rain boots pasted with blackboard stickers, colorful candies, clear umbrellas so you can see the colorful raindrops, and the whole nine yards. I guess, it was not that bad at all to work beyond our color comfort zone, don't you think?


Venue:: Arabella's Events Place
Catering:: La Preciosa

Cake and cupcakes:: Ava's Cakes and Events

Party stylist:: Kit and Ace of Ava's Cakes and Events

Photographer:: Marianne Pasion of Em Prods






















Sunday, August 24, 2014

Frozen:: Danica's 1st

I'm still frozen from this frozen loveliness we did over the weekend. Teehee! For days, we've DIY-Ed those lilac and blue paper snowflakes. To match our color scheme, we made Danica's frozen cake lilac too. We had snow capped trees with those tiny twinkling lights. The centerpieces idea was to make the hydrangeas look like fluffy snow and have a few mini paper snowflakes scattered as well.



I'm taking this opportunity to thank the lovely Ms. Catherine Ebuen and her Events Embassy team for giving this project to us. The event was so seamless with her supervision. Super thanks and we do look forward to more projects with you.


Venue:: Arabella's Events Place

Planner and Coordinator:: Ms. Catherine Ebuen of Events Embassy

Cake, cakepops and partystyling:: Kit and Ace of Ava's Cakes and Events

Catering:: La Preciosa

Photo/Video and photo booth:: I-click Photography


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cath Kidston x Shabby Chic:: Bria's 1st

Just a day after our rustic wedding is this lovely Cath Kidston x Shabby chic birthday for little Bria. Her Sweets x Favors lounge is soooo cute! We had a picket blue wall and a floral awning. Added a garland of doilies last minute. I love how Bria's mommy was so into details. She prepared very nice loot bag boxes, paper bags, note books, and pillows that had nice shabby chic details. Believe, it's so much easier to work for clients who know their style.


After doing this loveliness, I had the chance to chat with the lovely Vanessa Lamug of I-Click Photography- the party's official photographer. She mused that most folks are afraid of approaching us for they think we are pricey. I also have apprehensions asking for quotes from suppliers or vendors who have very nice items or services. But then, if I don't ask, how would I know. Most of the time though, I'm surprised that the cost I am imagining does not even come close, to think the quality of what they are offering is just so darn worth it. And at times that the quote goes beyond my imagination, heck, of course, novelty has a price. Those done with love and with so much detail, usually are. So bottom line, we won't know unless we ask. Assuming won't get us anywhere. Yikes!


Zoning back... enjoy Little Bria's 1st birthday darlings!

Venue:: Arabella's Events Place

Cake, cupcakes and cakepops:: Ava's Cakes and Events

Party styling:: Ava's Cakes and Events

Photo/Video:: I-Click Photography by Vanessa and Andy Lamug