Saturday, October 11, 2014

Curious George:: Gavin's 1st

"Keep Calm and Go Bananas"
We did! We made Gavin's Curious George 1st birthday party banana filled. And I'm quite sure the guests enjoyed bringing home the bananas we used as centerpieces. I'm digging the cute monkey stuffed toys little Gavin gave away to his little guests.
We used our mini swings instead of our usual chairs to sit on at the stage area and sweets bar. It was such a hit to the little ones. A party guest wanted to buy one of the swings, and it's just so timely that we are releasing anytime this month a few swing pieces handcrafted personally by the mister (For more info 09167445553) . Believe me, it's a joy to just sit, muse and reflect on a swing.


Happy birthday our dear little Gavin! We wish you fun filled days of happiness, curiousity and playfulness!


Venue:: Arabella's Events Place

Catering:: La Preciosa

Cake and Party styling:: Ava's Cakes and Events

Photographer:: Dinna David

Host:: S Acoba

Inspire like Lilly, Party like Cefi

Coming up with Cefi's party was a breeze to think that we did not have prepared sketches or plans on how to go about the styling. It has became a joke between the mister and I to "wing it" when the party day comes. Please don't go raising your eyebrows on us, because I'm going to partly blame Cefi's gorgeous mom, Toni Carag (The Beachboss), for agreeing last minute that we do a Lilly Pulitzer (thank heavens!).
So we did little Cefi's 1st birthday at their lovely resort, Playa Tropical in Currimao, Ilocos Norte. It was lovely with floral centerpieces and handwritten quotes, and the printed ones the Beachboss prepared herself, a Lilly Pulitzer placemat print, 3d balloon flamingos and that lovely Cefi's lounge slash stage.
And something we could all live by, a witty quote I lifted from the net,
Dress like Jackie
Act like Audrey
Inspire like Lilly
Party like Cefi


Cupcakes by Cefi's gorgeous mommy, The Beachboss, Toni Carag.

Happy happy birthday darling Cefi!


A big shoutout to Leo and the people of Playa for generously helping us put together this loveliness.


Venue and catering:: Playa Tropical Resort Hotel

Cake and Party styling:: Ava's Cakes and Events

Cupcakes:: Cefi and Me

Host:: Maryjane Pascual- LeaƱo

Food carts and entertainment:: Partyville

Photobooth:: Faces and Giggles

Photographer:: Dinna David


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Dreams do come true:: Carla + Jr

You know that feeling where you had so much loveliness yesterday that you get so excited to write about … much more share it to the whole world? I’m in that lovely state of mind right now. And if I am in that state, I can only imagine and be immensely happy for Carla and JR. Truly, dreams do come true. Lovely people have lovelier mornings to look forward to. 

We had lovely domes of fresh blooms everywhere, with of course high and low votives in really really nice candle holders. Sigh! And we were supposed to have a mirror wall for Carla and Jr but we felt a collage of our tin boxes would give more character to the couple’s lounge. I love the textures it created. The mister DIY-ed those chandelier lamp posts, which I think came out really really neat. 


DSC 3737

DSC 3733


DSC 3628

DSC 3604

DSC 3630

DSC 3666

DSC 3633

DSC 3666

DSC 3660

DSC 3663

DSC 3684

DSC 3690

DSC 3705

DSC 3711

DSC 3724

DSC 3664

DSC 3737

DSC 3735



And lest I forget, I’m going to gush about The Red Gala Weddings and Events Team headed by Audrey Co-Adora. They are a local planner, I love, love, love working with. A new player with about a year or so planning and coordinating weddings yet the way they organize and “move” seems like they’ve been here for ages.  Just worth commending. Good job Audrey love and of course to your girls, Chanel, Cjoy, Shayne and Jovi. 

Cake and Floral + Event Styling:: Ava’s Cakes and Events

Planning and Coordination:: The Red Gala Weddings and Events

Bride and Entourage gowns:: Shiva Saliganan

Bride’s HMUA:: Audrey Co-Adora

Photography:: Mia and Mykel Magno of Light Painters Studio

Videography:: Gyver Lauricio

Venue:: Arabella’s Events Place

Caterer:: La Preciosa

Mobile Bar:: Lex Mobile