Saturday, April 7, 2018

Love through time:: Daphne + Nickrome

We grew up together, together we grow old. That from our beautiful bride, Daphne. I couldn’t help but be overly sentimental. And for lack of words being overwhelmed from the loveliness that was and the beautiful love story Daphne and Nick has... this will do. Thank you so much dear Daphne and Nick for letting us be part of your story. 

Hi Mg. Kit and Mg. Ace, thank you for the loveliness. I know you get this a lot but you really do exceed everyone's expectations.- Daphne

Kit and Ace thank you for making our special day beautiful. You may hear these from other people but we had "tiwala" sa inyo :) not from reviews but from the years we spent together playing tennis at hypermarket parking, eating at C. E. Paz theatre, hanging out at the barbershop/stringing service and of course much more. So we know from experience that you both have the chemistry to make something special. Even if we have'nt seen each other for a long time or haven't hung out since, our memory of our times together gave us tiwala and Ava is the perfect product of the time before Ava's cakes. Where it was all about tennis and having fun. Because Ava is all about tennis and having fun. And in the future he'll be your masterpiece where is is much much more than what he is now. Raw an unrecognizable but a masterpiece orchestrated by Ace and Kit. So before lumayo usapan.. salamat. - Nick and Daph 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Beyond blue:: Pamela + Nikko

While I’ve been overly excited to share more of Pamela and Nikko’s  loveliness, I had to be patient and wait for these beautiful photos taken by Pop Manuel.  This was an intimate destination wedding for the Lacson’s and Matute’s. I was telling the mister how we had uniformed service men sweeping the area for this event compared to the event before this which we did where we had just sniffing dogs. While the preparations was quite something, the whole shebang unfolded beautifully and the vibe was very light. 

Venue:: Sitio Remedios Heritage Village
Floral styling:: Ava’s Cakes and Events 
Planning and Coordination:: Mara Manuel of Belladitas
Photo:: Pop Manuel 
Video:: We Do Media
Caterer:: Chef Nic Rodriguez of Rufino’s/ Bistro Candon
Lights and Sounds:: Avalanche Mixx 
Host:: Marie Gaspar
Bridal/Grooms Car:: Ilocos Wedding Cars