Saturday, January 27, 2018

Southern Chic:: Mae Anne + Christopher

How  do you do a Southern inspired wedding in a classy black and white tiled, ornate chandeliered venue? Install high trees, hang foliage wreathes, make a lobby of crates, pallets, and lanterns, decorate tables with printed crates, lush florals in sandstone, classy mercuries to hold votives, burlap runners, garlands. Oh my! Mae Anne and Christopher’s loveliness is filled with picture perfect details. Nothing but loveliness, always. 

Venue:: Arabella’s Events Place

Caterer:: La Preciosa Pam Aragoza

Floral and Event Styling:: Ava's Cakes and Events 

Cake:: @Ava’s Cakes and Events 

Coordination:: The RED GALA Weddings & Events 

Lights and Sounds:: AvalancheMixx Laoag Regie YasaƱa Apari

Bridal Car:: Rey Acojido (EverAfter Wedding Cars)

Photo/Video:: I-click Photography 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Beautiful Beginnings:: Ann Michelle + Czar

For the last few projects we’ve been doing, our design mantra is to highlight and not hide venues that have stories to tell. This loveliness for darlings Ann Michelle and Czar is of no exception thats why we tweaked our usual floral wall, we made it slightly peek over the serene Paoay lake. I’m also smitten with the wedding cake the mister did for these two. It had florals and his signature handpiped details. 

The day before this loveliness we had an unexpected drizzle, yet on the day of this loveliness, while the skies was a little bit gloomy, we were condifent the heavens will clear up and allow us to come up with a beautiful reception fit for Ann and Czar. Truth be told, I wasn’t preparing for a Plan B. Teehee!

Venue:: MalacaƱang of the North
Planning and Coordination:: Mara Manuel of Belladitas Events 
Floral Styling and Cake:: Ava’s Cakes and Events 
Bridal Gown:: Jaynny Lao
Photo:: Mykel Mesina
Video:: Gyver Lauricio
Lights and Sounds:: Avalanche 
Host:: Cleyton Sinay and Danny Aquino
HMUA:: Mara Manuel
Entourage gowns:: Allen Ceniza 
Caterer:: La Preciosa 
Groom’s car rental:: EverAfter Wedding Cars 

Monday, January 15, 2018

2018 Carefree Feels

It’s been my litany for the past few days that I am behind from sharing the lovelinesses we’ve been working on... while I am that, I’d like to think that the projects we’ve been working on are not. It’s still nothing but loveliness. For this year starter we did for Tita Agag’s surprise birthday party organized by her daughter Gilda, we were asked to make it have that  boho carefree vibe. We had beautiful teepee’s, vignettes of mixed matched lanterns and pails, our non negotiable beautiful florals. Oh and while I can’t draw, I honestly feel I can bring my non-existent, incomprehensible drawing to reality. Happy new year dear darlings! 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dainty Filipiniana:: Deidre + Bryan

I remember my first meeting with Bryan and Deidre, I was blabbing incessantly about what loveliness we are set to do for their wedding. Then I asked what else do they want to have, to which I was taken a back when they told me they wanted a Filipiniana themed wedding. The idea I was presenting was an opposite of what they wanted, ooops! I didn’t get the memo. So to make amends, Ace and I had to come up with a proposal pronto. Our usual an hour meetings extended to three yet for every detail we were agreeing upon was bringing excitement  even if my sketches were ununderstable. 

I love how everything came together. The ceiling work was a  darling! We had “baki’s” (chicken nesting pens) overflowing with pristine white orchids. The tables had soft pink florals with bricks, capiz, driftwoods. The stage was done very simply with banig and my ornate Made in India carved floral holders. 

And while I was reeling about the loveliness we did, a  friend- one of today’s event coordinator, Nikki Peralta, quips how a friend of hers did ask if am I hands-on in doing these projects. Hands-on would be an understatement because I find my job as an excuse to shop for vases, knick knacks, fabrics, and what nots. And playing with flowers is a crazy addiction I have, I can only wish for a floral market like the one’s they have overseas though. And i’m quite proud of our core team, they’ve mastered the art of knowing how we want things done- tasteful, beautiful arrangements. 

Venue:: Playa Tropical Resort Hotel 
Cake and Floral Styling:: Ava’s Cakes and Events 
Lights and Sounds:: Music Match 
Brides gown:: Ira Baylon
HMUA:: Christian Espiritu
Bridal Car:: EverAfter by Rey Acojido
Photos:: Mykel Mesina of The Light Painters 
Video:: Gyver Lauricio 
Coordination:: Brandy Howards
Host:: S Acoba 
Caterer:: Joan Kau